No One is Perfect

People say I’m one of those perfect people, but I’m not. I’m not a criminal or alcoholic, but I’m certainly not perfect. I have good grades, I’m friendly and kind, and try to leave a good impression, but like every person, I have another side to me. I’ve done some dangerous stuff, some stupid stuff, some mean things, some things that could land me in a ton of trouble if someone ever finds out, but everyone has. It’s natural, it’s human to err. So when  someone tells me they are perfect and have never done anything wrong, immediately I think you are a flat out liar, you have lost my respect, and you are being fake because everyone has done at least one thing wrong once. I’ll be the first to tell you, I’ve been in trouble and I’ve done thing I probably shouldn’t have, but I don’t regret it.  I’d do it again if I was given the chance. Not because I’m proud of what I’ve done, but because it made me who I am today. If I change anything of my past, I’d be completely different. And I would hate that. Who I am is what I’ve become, and I like who I have become.


About lbannister117

I’m the outdoorsy kind of girl, one of those rugged beasts. Try hard, play hard, take no prisoners kind of people. I have the intelligence, and the feminism, but yet I'm still the hard-core ‘one of the guys’ kind of girl. I enjoy the company and views of others, and love having in depth conversations about everything under the sun, whether it be politics, the weather, an event in history, the news, or simply a good story.
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