New Species from Last Year

We have a fossilised species of hangingfly from China  (does it count as a new species if it no longer exists?),Semachrysa jade (a green lacewing from Malaysia), Lucihormetica luckae (a luminescent cockroach from Ecuador), Eugenia petrikensis (a two metre high myrtle shrub from Madagascar), Paedophryne amanuensis (a frog from New Guinea which, at 7.7 mm long, is officially the world’s smallest vertebrate), Ochroconis lascauxensis (a black fungus found associated with Paleolithic rock art on a cave wall in France), a species of snail-eating snake from Panama, the lesula monkey from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the carnivorous lyre sponge found in deep water (average 3399 metres) off the California coast, and the Lilliputian violet from Peru.

In a world so covered by the human footprint it continues to amaze me how little we really know and how much is still to be discovered. It almost makes you believe that we are not destroying beautiful things such as these. What a shame really. Such beauty, but if we don’t change something, it will discontinue to exist.

Green Lacewing Semachrysa jade                          

Luminescent CockroachLucihormetica luckaeSmallest VertebratePaedophryne amanuensis            Lesula Monkey Lesula monkey

Snail-eating SnakeSnail-eating snake

Lyre Sponge  Lyre sponge


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