A Double Life

No I don’t mean like James Bond, 007 secret agent, or even a Clark Kent, or Bruce Wayne. I mean me, my life. The secret me that remains hidden from everybody. Everyone would describe my as vibrant, outgoing, full of personalty, busy, outdoorsy, that I show dogs and horses, that I take eminence pride in accomplishments, and that I have an extremely awesome adventure life. That I’m a try hard, play hard, die hard, take no prisoners, and I love moving, doing things to stay busy, that sports are one of the things that keep me sane. But these are superficial in a way. These are things I like, and do, but these are things that you see me do in the scrutiny of the public’s eye.

So who am I when nobody’s looking? That’s hard. Well, I … wow this is actually hard. Talk about spilling out my life’s story.

I dance around to my music and sing along as if I am the artist.

When I make origami, I’ll keep it if I’m alone. I won’t crush it the moment I’m done.

I draw in my spare time.

I cuddle with my cats and dog.

I whisper things to my dog in her ear as I hug her.

I go out into my woods and clear trails and paths.

I love writing out poetry, but I don’t have the best ear for it. I’ll get bored reading or hearing it.

I’ll write to write-I have a tendency to idolize man in works of literature.

I’ll go out and just brush my horse for hours as if the world stopped.

Fishing is  the most sacred past time for me with friends. Quietly, almost not talking.

I daydream.

I’ll reminisce on days better spent with old friends.


I whittle, and carve.

I create beautiful master works of jewelry. Gunmetal and chain are my favorite mediums.

I braid other peoples hair in elaborate designs, but I can’t do my own.

I create decorative and useful styles of chainmaille. I know 30+ designs off the top of my head.

I am a wizard when it comes to rope craft and knots, both essential and aesthetic in nature.

I run to keep sane and happy, not to stay in shape. That’s why I do 100+ abs a day.

I enjoy the moment as if it will be there forever.

Well, that’s enough for now. Hopefully I got my point across to you about being sensitive and completely different.


About lbannister117

I’m the outdoorsy kind of girl, one of those rugged beasts. Try hard, play hard, take no prisoners kind of people. I have the intelligence, and the feminism, but yet I'm still the hard-core ‘one of the guys’ kind of girl. I enjoy the company and views of others, and love having in depth conversations about everything under the sun, whether it be politics, the weather, an event in history, the news, or simply a good story.
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