Fruit Game Rules


Fruit Game Rules

The Unofficial Official Rules to Play

This is the game where individuals alternate saying different types of fruit until they can no longer think of any. The winner is the last person standing.

  1. Only fruits may be played.
  2. No fruit may be named twice, either by the same person or by different people.
  3. “Melon” does not constitute as a fruit, but specific types of melon may be named.
  4. “Orange”, “cherry”, and “apple” do constitute as fruit, and specific types of oranges, apples, or cherries may be named thereafter.
  5. Tomatoes, walnuts, peppers, pumpkins, zucchini, corn kernels, or such assorted things do not count as a fruit, regardless of whether or not they are.
  6. Strawberries, raspberries, cashew fruit, and pineapple do count as fruit,  regardless of the fact that the seeds are on the outside.
  7. No player may name legumes as a group or an individual legume as valid fruits during the fruit game.
  8. Using the Interweb System of Information (Internet) to look up the names of fruit is illegal. Looking up fruits in reference books is also illegal.
  9. Only in cases of dire need can another human be used for assistance in the fruit game. Humans called upon for assistance cannot have unnatural knowledge of fruit or be a fruit specialist of any kind.
  10. Eggplants, avocados, and olives do not count as fruit unless it is a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday.
  11. Cucumbers and peapods do not constitute as fruit unless it is Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday.
  12. “Wild” may not be played in front of a fruit.
  13. Potatoes, ginger, and other roots do not count as fruit.
  14. Just because some people might put it in a fruit salad, that does not necessarily mean it is a fruit. (Example-Chicken)
  15. If you do not know the name of a fruit, you  cannot make a name up or describe the fruit in order to play it.
  16. Fruits can be challenged if they seem unreasonable or sound fabricated.
  17. Deals and bets may be made regarding the outcome of the fruit game, though bets may not exceed  $50 per person.
  18. If you are caught fabricating a fruit, you must forfeit your bet, though any amount placed by said individual is still up for the winner.
  19. The game ends when either player is absolutely out of fruits, or they give up, among other reasonable things. If a draw is called, each player must agree, and the bets, if placed, may be divided amongst the remaining players.
  20. If agreed on before the game, some rules can be altered or “houseruled” to be better adapted to the players’ needs.
  21. Rules not agreed on beforehand may not be houseruled. You can houserule to omit more if desired, but you may not houserule to include stated ommited “fruit”.
  22. “Vegetable stir fry”, “oriental stir fry,” and chicken stir fry” may be played once throughout the game, though more than one of them may not be played.
  23. The stir fry rule is fair game, and that cannot be houseruled out.
  24. Herbs may not be played.
  25. It is illegal in officialized tournaments to record what fruits have been played. Also, a moderator is required and is the only one allowed to have a set of rules. A list of fruit is optional for moderator only.
  26. Rose hips are allowed to be played.
  27. Crab apples are forbidden to be played.
  28. “Tsampakang pula” may be played once by each player, but not in succession.
  29. “Summer squash” and “winter squash” may not be played, but specific, unrestricted types of squash are permitted.
  30. If a fruit with multiple common names is played, only one of the common names may be played.
  31. In combination with #28, pommecythere and rambutan must be switched in for tsampakang pula every three weeks and may not be switched in back-to-back.
  32. Pronunciation of all fruit must be accurate to receive credit.
  33. Hesperidiums, fruit that have thick and leathery exocarp and mesocarp and a juicy, pulpy endocarp arranged in sections are permitted.
  34. A pepo, a berry with an outer wall or rind formed by receptacle tissue that is fused to the exocarp with a fleshy interior may be played as long as they are not prohibited.
  35. A drupe, or fruit developed from the carpal ovary with one seed and a hard, stony endocarp fitting around the seed and fleshy mesocarp and soft endocarp may be played, with the exception of almonds.
  36. Coffee, vanilla, and cocoa beans are permissible.
  37. Pomes, or fruit where ripened around the ovary forms the fleshy and edible part, are permitted.
  38. Polydrupes, or fruit formed from the development of a number of simple carpels from a single flower are permitted.
  39. Dry dehiscent and dry indehiscent fruits may not be played at any point. This may not be houseruled out.
  40. Types of juices, such as cranberry juice, are prohibited from being played.
  41. Fruit must be edible and non-toxic.
  42. Nuts, grains, achenes, schizocarp, and silicles may not be played. Refer to rule #39.
  43. Passing is not permitted in tournaments, but may be utilized in unsanctioned games.
  44. Scientific names may not be played.
  45. Players in tournaments may take no longer than fifteen (15) seconds to name a fruit, but in unsanctioned games, this limit does not apply.

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