Blog 6- Besides My Job, What Do I Do?

I travel. I mountain bike, I climb mountains, I kayak, I canoe, I’ve gone bobsledding, I ride snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and ATVs. I hunt, I run, I swim. I play. I make jewelry, play an instrument, I roller-blade, I ice skate, I play bloody street hockey, I draw, I write essays. I show dogs and horses. I water-ski and wake-board.

I’ve eaten almost everything at least once including scorpions, ants, and woodchuck. I’ve gone indoor skydiving, I ride roller coasters, I read, I write, I blog, I sing, I’m in a band, I do my homework, I work, I help elderly neighbors. I run slow during a game of tag with little kids, I answer the toy phone when a child hands it to me and tells me its ringing.

I color outside of lines, I eat too much, I exercise too much, I worry too much, I don’t relax enough. I don’t floss as much as I should, I forget other people’s birthdays, I procrastinate, I keep to many secrets from too many people, I keep a private life. I wait to see if things heal before I call the doctor. I research obscure deadly diseases and forgotten genocides of the world along with lethal weapons and animals.

I watch the sunset, I never refuse brownies or chocolate, I sing in the shower, I dream big but relish in small pleasures. I buy lemonade that kids are selling on tables in their front yard, I look people in the eyes, I return what I borrow. I watch NCIS, Spend most of my time outdoors. I hug my dog and kiss my mom. I cry. I laugh. I get sad. I bake. I stare at the stars at night. I watch birds fly. I ask questions. I always want to know why. I take pictures. I cherish memories, try not to let people go. I hate good-byes. I am extremely frugal, I experiment a lot. I think too much, I work too much.

I want to do it all, and I’m getting closer everyday.


About lbannister117

I’m the outdoorsy kind of girl, one of those rugged beasts. Try hard, play hard, take no prisoners kind of people. I have the intelligence, and the feminism, but yet I'm still the hard-core ‘one of the guys’ kind of girl. I enjoy the company and views of others, and love having in depth conversations about everything under the sun, whether it be politics, the weather, an event in history, the news, or simply a good story.
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