Ultimate Control

“Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past”

I think this is true. I mean this is the motto of any totalitarian or repressive government in our world. Seriously. Whoever is in power now, as in leader of a civilization or group, and then they have the power to dictate the past how they wish to. They can hide facts, or add facts. And since it is our past, we take it to be true. I mean, how can it not be? It got us to where we are, and frankly there is no way to prove the past. Our entire past might be made up. Who’s to say no one thought hey, here’s a story to tell a comrade at a bar, and without proof either way, the man tells others and before long, and entire nation believes a lie. And it goes down into history.

Dark points in a nation’s history may be overlooked and never spoke of, such as China and Tiananmen Square. For years, China continually refused to acknowledge that such an incident occurred because it would cause social upheaval and possibly bring down the Communist Regime. So they tried to control the past by refusing it to be taught as history in hopes of it going away from the population, preserving the Regime’s image.

It is said that humanity is doomed to repeat the past if we do not learn from our mistakes. With a fictionalized past, you can create a future as you see fit. Personally, I’d make the present and future bright and shiny with happiness to go around. I wouldn’t make it dim and boring as the Party has made it.

Personally, I’d revive the past; bring to light the art and writing of the greatest nations of the ancient past, the Greeks, the Romans. I’d conserve our natural forests and landmarks, and restore those that have fallen on harder times. I’d get out of the wars, and make America self-sufficient. We’d become a world power, but we would not be inclined to become involved with every little scuffle. Let them work it out. And I’d give up on the War on Terrorism and the War on Poverty. Both will exist as long as humans are greedy, power-hungry, lustful and jealous. I’d build our military, but focus it on the betterment of America, not of the world. Not to sound self-centered and all, but America relies too much on the international market. I wouldn’t drive it away, I’d just make America rely on itself first, then branch out


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I’m the outdoorsy kind of girl, one of those rugged beasts. Try hard, play hard, take no prisoners kind of people. I have the intelligence, and the feminism, but yet I'm still the hard-core ‘one of the guys’ kind of girl. I enjoy the company and views of others, and love having in depth conversations about everything under the sun, whether it be politics, the weather, an event in history, the news, or simply a good story.
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