Day 8- A Piece of Advice

Expect three awesome things to happen to you everyday.

Seriously. I live by this. These awesome things don’t have to be big, like winning the lottery or marriage, at that rate you’d never be happy. It can be as simple as a piece of chocolate, a peaceful moment shared, a bowl of ice cream or a compliment from a complete stranger. It’s my way of reminding myself to be happy, to relish in small things, to enjoy life, and literally count my blessings. If more than three things happen awesome. But on the worst of days, it helps by forcing you to find three good things that have happened, to look on the bright side. Also, it’s not cheating to make three things happen. Making your favorite dessert, buying a piece of chocolate to eat or stopping by to see someone you missed count. And it’s okay to make other people do something to make your day awesome, like sharing that wonderful snack they brought. All that counts is that you can find three things that made your day. Trust me it works, and you begin to notice the small mundane things that make you happy.

Also-give a complete stranger a compliment everyday. If you can’t find a stranger, a friend, co-worker, or someone else you know works too. That’s my advice to you.


About lbannister117

I’m the outdoorsy kind of girl, one of those rugged beasts. Try hard, play hard, take no prisoners kind of people. I have the intelligence, and the feminism, but yet I'm still the hard-core ‘one of the guys’ kind of girl. I enjoy the company and views of others, and love having in depth conversations about everything under the sun, whether it be politics, the weather, an event in history, the news, or simply a good story.
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One Response to Day 8- A Piece of Advice

  1. riverfacklam says:

    So inspiring and true… Beautiful work. (I am Mrs. Hoerner today.)

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