Hey, my name is Lara and I have the adventure of a life time everyday. Almost. I’m a normal teen. I live in the country, but have visited almost as many cities as there are stars in the sky. I’ve done just about everything you can name at least once, with the best things occurring repeatedly. My life is chaos and hectic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m the outdoorsy kind of girl. I’m also one of those rugged beasts. Try hard, play hard, take no prisoners kind of people. I have the intelligence, and the feminism, but yet I’m still the hard-core ‘one of the guys’ kind of girl.

I should start at the beginning. I was born in Ukraine, but given up at 6 months of age to the Kremenchuk orphanage outside of Kiev. At three and a half, I was adopted and brought to the United States of America, where I have lived with my adoptive family since. One day I’d like to meet my birth parents.

Since then, I’ve lived an extraordinary like, taking in sights and memories, clinging to old ones while searching for new ones. This is kind of my way to chronicle it in a simple and fun way. It won’t be my life story, but it’ll showcase a little about me, a little at a time. I don’t really spill my personal life, but it will give you a glimpse into my mind and life, by focusing on an arrangement of topics. I’ll try not to be repetitive, but give a little of this and a little of that to keep it interesting.


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